Micronized Silica


SYLYSIA is Fuji Silysia Chemical’s micronized synthetic amorphous silica-gel product line. This material is highly versatile and can be used in many industries, including paints & coatings, plastics, inks and adhesives & sealants. SYLYSIA is an excellent agent for matting and anti-blocking polymer film. With variable pore volume, particle size and density, SYLYSIA is broadly applicable within the paper and ink industries to improve receptivity and other functional coatings.

SylysiaSYLYSIA grades are categorized on the silica-gel pore volume classification. Within each pore volume series, select grades are made with adjustments to particle size, oil absorption and surface area parameters. Treatments can be applied to the surface of the silica-gel to affect dispersion properties, anti-caking, burnish and mar resistance.


Particle Size / Pore Volume

Particle Size / Pore Volume chart


Particle Size Range

Particle Size Range chart


Pore Volume (PV) vs. Surface Area (SA)

Pore Volume (PV) vs. Surface Area (SA) chart


Particle Size Range / Grade Class

Particle Size Range / Grade Class chart


Properties Overview

Properties Overview Chart


SY350 Overview

SY350 Specifications


SY450 Overview

SY450 Specifications