On behalf of the global family of professionals that make up Fuji Silysia Chemical, we would like to extend our warmest greeting and welcome you to our Americas site. We hope that you will find the resources here useful toward discovering the services we offer through our business and production facilities in North Carolina, USA.

Fuji Silysia Chemical, Ltd. (FSC) was established in 1965 as a company specializing in the development and manufacture of synthetic amorphous silica. The roots of FSC date back to 1931 as a sodium silicate producer under the company name Takahashi Water Glass Manufacturer. The legacy established by Seiji Takahashi continues to this day as Fuji Silysia Chemical remains a privately owned international business, rooted in strong traditions of quality and service.

CompanyFuji Silysia Chemical manufactures products that inspire confidence. FSC is continuously improving upon our technology with our state-of-art fully automated facilities, dedicated technical staff and diverse research & development programs. FSC brings added value via flexibility and urgency toward addressing unmet customer needs.

Fuji Silysia Chemical is proud to be recognized as an environmentally responsible company with environmentally friendly silica products. We are committed to contributing to better living and regional economic development while striving for harmony with nature. In all of our business activities, Fuji Silysia continues our efforts to protect the environment.

Our Vision

Fuji Silysia Chemical’s lineage dates back to the early 1930s as a family-owned provider of precision silica engineering. Although we have evolved through the decades, FSC has maintained a keen focus on what makes our traditions so effective. It may be a cliché to suggest a premium is placed on customer loyalty.  To that end, we also recognize the allegiance of those who patronize our customers, our collaboration partners and colleagues abroad.

When FSC’s efforts blend with those of our partners, our vision becomes clear: We strive to be a versatile and dynamic provider of micronized silica solutions, rather than simply a mass producer of it.