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Art SorbARTSORB is Fuji Silysia Chemical’s silica-gel humidity control material. It has high absorption and desorption capacity and performs from low relative humidity to high relative humidity (RH) ranges. It provides a stable microclimate to preserve and minimize deterioration of fine pieces of art and historical artifacts from climatic fluctuations.

Art SorbARTSORB reacts quickly to buffer humidity changes caused by changes in temperature. The hysteresis of ARTSORB is small enough to react to subtle changes to maintain a constant humidity. It provides precise humidity control between RH40% and RH70%. It has the ability to absorb moisture and release moisture as needed to within 1% of its pre-condition value.

RH55-65% Paper, wood, dying and weaving products, Japanese lacquer
RH50-65% Pelts, parchments, nature related works
RH50-55% Oil paintings, Humidor beads
RH45-55% Fossils
RH45% Max Metal, rocks and ceramics (desalination required)


ARTSORB products come as Beads, Sheets, Cassettes and Half Cassettes. No pre-conditioning of the products is required.

Art Sorb Beads16kg (2 x 8kg Tin Cans)1.7-4.0mm40, 50, 55, 60, 65, 701lb = 16 ft3
Art Sorb Sheets20 Per Case20” x 20” x 1/8”40, 50, 60, 701 Sheet = 3.5 ft3
Art Sorb Full Cassettes22 Pieces Per Case13” x 4 3/8” x 15/8”40, 50, 601 Full Cassette = 26 ft3
Art Sorb Half Cassettes44 Pieces Per Case13” x 4 3/8” x 7/8 "40, 50, 601 Half Cassette = 13 ft3

For optimum performance, airtight cases are recommended and they should be placed away from heat sources such as lights. Do not place ARTSORB products in contact with the artifact or artwork, but allow enough contact to the air or environment for required humidity control. The longevity of ARTSORB will depend on the type of display case and environment. In an optimal state with an airtight display case, it will be effective for five years but will require re-humidification during that period. On average it will perform two to three years and will need re-humidification as maintenance.



Music Sorb
MUSICSORB is synthetic amorphous silica-gel specially developed to help moderate and control the relative humidity (RH) inside a given area, such as inside your piano or musical instrument case. High humidity can cause wood to swell, challenging glued wood joints and breaking down wood fiber. Low humidity can pull moisture out of the wood cells, which can cause glue joints to open up and prematurely result in the wood becoming brittle. By balancing the RH in your musical instrument, the devastating effects of wide RH swings can be reduced significantly.

MUSICSORB is similar to desiccant products that absorb moisture. However, unlike typical desiccants, MUSICSORB has a special technology that allows it to release contained moisture once the RH drops below the pre-conditioned range. MUSICSORB is an inert and solid silica bead product. It does not contain excess water or liquid gels that can damage your instruments. MUSICSORB is nonreactive and gentle to the wood in your piano and/or stringed instruments. It is environmentally safe and does not contain any corrosive or toxic chemicals.

For more information about MUSIC SORB and product sales, please phone 503-858-4357 or visit MusicSorbOnline.com.


Silica-gel is the most widely used stationary phase for liquid chromatography. Its physical and chemical properties make it suitable for a wide variety of analytical and preparative separations. Fuji Silysia Chemical’s CHROMATOREX silica-gel also provides outstanding characteristics regarding selectivity, capacity, and efficiency for all types of chromatography.

Spherical silica-gels consist of rigid beads, manufactured by dry or wet processes, capable of withstanding high flow rate and high pressure. Granular (or irregular) silica-gels are produced by batch-gelling and then milled to obtain small particles. However, these products are robust only for small pore sizes. Granular silica gels are widely used in industrial separations and are economical for single use applications.

Silica-gel surfaces exhibit high chemical activity with surface hydroxyl groups determining adsorption characteristics. It also provides an excellent support for chemically bonded functional groups.

For further information about CHROMATOREX, please visit www.chromatorex.com and/or contact Greg France, [email protected]