Anti-corrosion Pigment

SylomaskThe coatings industry is moving towards environmentally safe products with lower VOC requirements and uses of non-toxic pigments. SYLOMASK is an environmentally friendly Anti-Corrosive alternative to conventional lead, zinc and chromate pigments. SYLOMASK is a non-toxic anti-corrosive pigment based on ion-exchange technology using porous silica as a support.

SYLOMASK exchanges aggressive ions, such as Na+ or H+, found in coatings for calcium or magnesium ions from the silica surface to deposit on the metal substrate, forming a protective layer. With a high ion exchange rate, SYLOMASK may improve shelf life without adding haze to the system while reducing weight via low specific gravity. Best used for direct contact to metal substrate.

Sylomask Chart

PRODUCT APS (µm) pH Treatment MSDS
SMK52 2.7 9.0 Calcium PDF
SMK55 3.9 9.0 Calcium PDF
SMK52M 2.7 9.0 Magnesium PDF