Hydrophobic Silica

SylophobicSYLOPHOBIC is a hydrophobic silica incorporating a polyalkyl siloxane chemically reacted to its surface. It maintains the large specific surface area, particle size distribution, excellent dispersion control and high oil absorption characteristics of SYLYSIA. Most significantly, SYLOPHOBIC imparts minimal viscosity impact with an affinity toward solventborne media.

Applications of SYLOPHOBIC:

  • Paints – Improvement of water resistance, weather resistance and chemical resistance
  • Plastics – Anti-blocking for films
  • Adhesives – Improvement of adhesion and water resistance
  • Printing Inks / Paper – Anti-bleeding and improvement of printability


PRODUCT APS (µm) pH DBA Value (meq/kg) MSDS
SPB100 2.7 8.0 50 PDF
SPB200 3.9 8.0 50